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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let’s Dress Up More

In March, I expressed my disappointment with how casual our society has become. So casual, in fact, that I saw someone wear running shorts and flip flops to church. As I typed my ramblings into blogger, my mind started wondering back in time – to things like how my mom dressed to go to work at her banking job, my sister and I wearing dresses to school, how we always dressed up for church, and always getting a special outfit for Easter Sunday.

My mom tells me this was taken in 1976. I would have been 8, and my sister would have been 6.

I love how traditions are passed down through generations. The first Easter Matt and I were married, he inquired about a receipt from Belk. I explained it was my Easter dress. I still remember the puzzled look on his face. He got the long dissertation, and fifteen years later, I still get a new dress for Easter Sunday. Now Gray gets a new outfit too.

And even though Matt has taken to wearing jeans to church many Sunday mornings, he wears a suit on Easter Sunday. I wish we all did this a bit more often. In fact, I really wish I could start a movement.

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