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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grease and a Custom Dress Shirt

A few weeks ago, I got to call Mike Taylor, Managing Partner of our A Cleaner World Roanoke Division and tell him that one of his customers won $100 free cleaning just for liking us on Facebook! I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I like talking to Mike. So whenever I call him, we always chat for a bit.

I think of Mike as a dry cleaning superhero. He should have a special costume with a cape. With over 35 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry, he’s tackled just about everything. In fact, even car grease is no match for Mike.

He recently had a long-time regular customer bring in a fairly well pressed dress shirt with grease all over it. When Mike asked what happened, the customer told him that he had gotten a flat tire on the way to the beach – and he was wearing one of his custom-made French cuff dress shirts. In an effort to deal with the problem quickly, the customer confessed to taking the grease covered shirt to a discount cleaner at the beach. He needed to know – could Mike save his $200 dress shirt?

Mike put on his cape and got to work. He pre-spotted the shirt with a de-greaser and then washed it, let it drip dry, then dry cleaned it, then rewashed it and pressed it…..and voila…good as new! Of course, Mike made it sound super easy, but I’m guessing he spent a fair amount of time working his magic. When the customer returned, he was just amazed. He was certain the shirt was ruined. All in a day’s work for Mike. But still when I imagine him at work, I think of him wearing a cape, and for some reason I’m picturing it to be red.

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