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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gray’s Good Clothes Are Lasting Longer

I know I’ve mention that my child is messy – and definitely all boy. He can ruin a pair of shoes and wear out the knees of pants in no time. So I am passing on a habit that my mom taught me – I have him change into play clothes as soon as he gets home from places like school, church, or special events. The bottom drawer of his dresser is filled with season appropriate things for him to choose from. The first thing I do when he gets home is send him upstairs to change clothes and then either hang up his good clothes or bring them to the laundry room if he’s worn them all day.

This actually does two things. First, his dress code for school is quite strict, and I am very particular about what he wears to church and such. As a result, he doesn’t get to wear his favorites – like stripe shirts. This way he can pick out his ensemble, which usually doesn’t match, and feed his inner creativity. Second, his good clothes last much longer. The knees of his pants have been holding up until they hit the play clothes drawer. Thanks mom for creating this habit in me.

If you have a tip on how you keep your child’s good clothes looking nice, please share! You can leave a comment below or tweet us, or find us on Facebook and G+.

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