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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Ruined Another Shirt

Seven year old boys are messy. I am particular about our clothes. How do these two sentences relate? Read on and you’ll understand.

Gray came home one day with what I believed to be washable marker on a yellow golf shirt. I followed my normal procedure of making him change into play clothes as soon as he walks in the door, then took said shirt to the laundry room. I sprayed it with a grocery store type spray spotter and washed it according to the directions. When I removed it from the washer, I noticed that the spot was still there. So I treated it again, this time with a grocery store type gel spotter and washed it again. I examined it again after taking it from the washer and the spot was still there. Determined to win, I made up a paste with an oxy-type powder, and both products I used earlier. Then I rubbed it in really good and placed it in the washer for a third try. And voila! When I took the shirt from the washer, the stain was gone…and in its place was a large white patch. Not only did I get the stain out, I also pulled the color from the shirt. Sigh.

So I called an expert – Mike Feudale, Manager of A Cleaner World Fire, Smoke, and Water Restoration Services and A Cleaner World Commercial Services. After some laughter, he said “Well the oxy-stuff along with the scrubbing took the color out, and there is no restoring it.” Then he proceeded to suggest this method, knowing that seven year old boys are messy and knowing I am particular about clothes. With washable marker, try using dish detergent mixed with a little water to make a gloppy potion. Place the potion on the spot and use the flexing method. Knowing I wouldn't have a clue as to what he was talking about, Mike was nice enough to send me this video explaining flexing:

Then rinse it under cold water. This should cause the washable marker to break down. Then launder according to the directions, but be sure to check before placing the garment in the dryer as heat can set a stain and cause it to become permanent. He cautioned that this should only be tried on cotton and cotton blends. Any other fabric should be taken to a professional cleaner. He also warned that if you notice dye from the fabric on your fingers, to stop the process immediately and again take it to a professional cleaner.

But here is my two cents worth – given my particularness about clothes – just take it to A Cleaner World. The few dollars it cost to have it cleaned is well worth it and it is cheaper than having to go buy a new shirt.

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