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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Filtration Soiling

My husband prides himself on being frugal. One way he tries to cut costs is to close the doors and vents in the rooms – like the guest bedroom and bathroom – we don’t regularly use. And because we don’t regularly use them, I only go in them to clean before and after we have guests. So for a number of months, I vacuumed up to the guest bedroom door. A day before we were to have guests, I went to freshen up the room and noticed that a grayish-brown line had formed right underneath the door. Of course I called Greg, our resident carpet and rug expert.

He told me it was filtration soiling and gave me a link to a very informative article written by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Filtration soiling occurs when dust and such collects on carpet fibers in places where air-flow is concentrated. In our case it happened because the door was always closed and our central heating/air conditioning system is always in use. But per CRI, it can also occur in areas “around baseboards, along the edges of stairs, and possibly away from walls where plywood subflooring materials have been joined.”

Greg cleaned our carpets, and the line was gone. The easiest way for us to keep that from happening again is to leave the door open. Knowing Matt, that’s not likely. So what else can we do? According to CRI, a combination of things helps to reduce filtration soiling such as regularly replacing air filters, using high efficiency vacuum cleaner bags, and applying soil and stain resistant treatments to carpet.

If you are having filtration soiling issues and need help, you can call Greg at 336-804-0045 or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. We are happy to help.

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