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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Teaching My Husband To Do Laundry

I was thinking about all the things I do for my husband….and it led to two thoughts. First, wow he is really spoiled. Second, if I were to die today, he’d really be in trouble. Now before I go on, I must tell you that my husband is a really smart and talented guy. He’s the president of an e-commerce company. He can fix almost anything. AND he’s super handsome. But he cannot operate the washing machine. Or at least he pretends that he cannot operate the washing machine. This realization came about during a fun exchange with a customer on Twitter.

The truth is that I’d prefer he not do my laundry. BUT I’d like it if he’d do his own. He travels regularly and always comes home with a pile of dirty clothes. So on Friday, when I think all the laundry is caught up, he gets home at around 10:00…..and five minutes later the laundry basket is full.

Given that today is January 1, a day full of New Year’s resolutions, I pledge to you that my resolution this year is to teach my husband to do laundry. I know my success with this resolution depends on my husband's willingness to participate, and I already have a game plan in mind. I will spare you the details of my plan, but I will tell you that I will start slowly. Just know that my ultimate goal is that if I die tomorrow, my child will have clean underwear to wear -- until my mom shows up.

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