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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Loud House

Our neighbor has four kids, one of which is the same age as Gray, and Gray loves to go over to their house and play. Many times we just send kids back and forth but we also love to get together and visit. One of the things I noticed early on about their house is that it seemed really loud. In the beginning I attributed it to lots of kids running around but as I became more familiar with their place, I noticed that they had no carpeting and only one rug, which is in their family room.

One day I connected all the dots when sharing tips on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Tips like carpeting and rugs provide warmth and comfort, can be great filters for allergens, add beauty and style, and here’s the big one – reduce noise. Carpet actually absorbs sounds from all kinds of electronic equipment and helps as a sound barrier between floors by blocking sound transmission to rooms below. Plus adding a cushion pad under your carpet reduces noise even further. And carpet on stairs helps camouflage the sound of foot traffic.

I can personally attest to all these things – our house isn’t nearly as noisy as our neighbor’s house when kids are running around.

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