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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Son Can Sew A Button

My son has a very short attention span. When he becomes fixated on something, I usually don’t worry because it never lasts too long. But he has been fixated on Cub Scouts for a really LONG, LONG time. After signing up, he was the first one in his den to get the uniform and to earn the tiger cub badge. He’s attended every event, and he’s read and carried his handbook around so much that it started falling apart in October. Four months later he is still fixated on Cub Scouts. Now that he has his tiger cub badge, he is all about earning beads to string onto the badge. So for every 10 electives he does, he gets a bead. We are about to run out of electives for him to complete. But here’s one we recently did:

He learned how to properly sew a button. He was really excited to learn and actually did a great job. Well, except for the part where he kept pulling the thread out of the needle. I guess Martha Stewart was right after all, sewing a button is an incredibly easy task that anyone can do.

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