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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Egg Coat

Not too long ago, Julie Byrum sent this e-mail message to our President, Chris Edwards. When I read it, I was sad to hear that such a crummy thing had been done to her family. But as I read on, I was so pleased that A Cleaner World could be a bright spot in what was an otherwise hurtful experience. Here’s what happened:

Recently I visited your location at the corner of Cornwallis and Battleground Ave. in Greensboro, NC and was truly blown away by the excellent customer service I received. My husband and I had been a victim of a house egging, and believe it or not, one of the eggs came through the crack between our door and house frame and landed on my nice red dress coat, which was hanging beside the door. The egg splattered down the back of my coat in long, ugly streaks and had dried overnight. In addition to all the clean-up we had to do to the outside and inside of our house (yes, at least one more egg came through the door crack doing other damage), I thought the coat was ruined. For reference, this was a very expensive coat which was a gift from my parents, and not easily replaced. I hoped that in taking it to the A Cleaner World location in Greensboro near where I work that someone might be able to salvage my once beautiful coat. When I arrived I spoke with a very nice young man named Brett, who assured me the A Cleaner World team would do their best to eliminate all traces of egg. When I returned two days later for pickup, I saw Brett again, and he apologized. He said the coat had a button come off during cleaning and had been sent for repairs, which would be completed shortly. I explained there were buttons missing from the cuffs when I brought the coat in and had not expected them to be replaced, but was happy to hear they were going the extra mile. When I returned the next day, I was thrilled to see that the egg was completely gone! That coat truly looked like a lost cause when I dropped it off for cleaning a few days earlier. Buttons on the cuff were replaced and the lady I spoke with that afternoon insisted one had come off during cleaning, but I doubt it since they were missing when I dropped it off. When I asked what I owed, the kind lady replied that there was no charge because I had to make an extra trip. I was floored. Not only did A Cleaner World return my coat to me as good as new, it was better than new since they replaced all the missing buttons. I tried to offer some compensation because I felt they truly deserved it for their work, but they would not accept anything. A Cleaner World not only gave me back the coat which was a gift from my parents, but by their kindness they helped me emotionally heal from feeling violated as a result of having our house egged. I work for a local company which prides itself in customer service and setting a higher standard. We charge our employees to provide each customer with a positive experience he or she will take away and share with friends or family. Unfortunately, this level of superior customer service does not appear to be the standard at most businesses today. I am very pleased to say the level of service I received from A Cleaner World matched the high standards we strive to achieve every day at my company. This is probably one of the only times I have ever been able to make that comment about any service anywhere. Thank you again for going above and beyond! Please see that the employees at your Cornwallis and Battleground location (especially Brett) receive some recognition for their service. Thank you so very much!

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