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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Our A Cleaner World Thomasville Manager

I think this statement is true for any industry – Sometimes when there are changes in management, both the employees and the customers have a hard time adjusting. That’s not the case at the A Cleaner World in Thomasville. Donna Lawhorn joined the A Cleaner World Thomasville team in April and didn’t miss a beat. In fact, she’s already made a few raving fans.

Recently a customer brought in several baby sweaters she made years ago for her son. She must have stored them in a basement or attic because they were in terrible condition. Now her son is almost 40, and she wanted to give them to her grandchild. Donna said the customer didn’t have much hope when she dropped them off. Donna and her team were able to restore them, and now a new generation gets to enjoy a handmade treasure.

She’s also made a raving fan at one of the local churches. A church member brought some tablecloths by. Apparently they’d had an event, and the tablecloths were put away dirty. Needless to say, the spills had plenty of time to do some permanent damage. But once again, Donna and her team came to the rescue.

These kinds of things happen on a regular basis throughout our stores. And as I’ve talked to our managers over the years, I’ve found a common theme. They all love working with people. They love their customers and their employees. They love to make people happy – like taking care of the new grandma or the local church member. Donna fits right in with that group. I heard the pride in her voice knowing that she had made someone’s day simply by providing top-notch service. And while she hasn’t been in Thomasville too long, she’s already started getting to know the regulars, and her employees have made her feel right at home.

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