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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don’t Remove The Tag

A few months ago, we got new bedroom furniture. Agreeing on that was much easier than agreeing on a new comforter. But we did, and I was so excited the day I put it on the bed. But that annoying tag ended up on my side of the bed. You know – the tag the manufacturer sews on that includes instructions on how to care for your comforter. I so desperately wanted to cut it off, but I remembered a conversation I once had with Mike Taylor, Managing Partner of our A Cleaner World Roanoke division.

Mike was frustrated that day because a comforter had been dropped off for cleaning, and the tag had been removed. He said that even after 25+ years of cleaning comforters, he still refers to the tag before cleaning. He told me that if it is dry clean only, and you wash it – it’s ruined. If it is wash only, and you dry clean it – it’s ruined. Wanting to take care of the customer, he examined the comforter to determine which cleaning method to use. He determined incorrectly and therefore bought the customer a new comforter.

While Mike agrees that the tag is annoying, he said it is so important and helpful to dry cleaners. He estimates that 40% of the comforters and bedspreads he sees have the tags removed. His suggestion – pin it up underneath on the backside so it can’t be seen. But never, ever cut it off. And so I didn’t.

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