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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dirty Clothes – Wherever

I’m sure most mothers feel the way I do – I get so frustrated when I find my son’s dirty clothes scattered about. But if I am completely honest, it’s my fault. My routine each morning is the same – get up early (really early), run, then I rush around to get ready for the day. But because I am rushing around getting ready myself, Gray dresses himself wherever I deposit his clothes. As a result, he leaves his pajamas on the floor in the room where he has dressed himself. And this can be anywhere – the dining room, living room, our bedroom. Let me also throw in there that he habitually leaves his dirty socks in the mudroom.

This has become a big irritation. I must fix it; otherwise I will be picking up dirty pajamas and socks until he goes to college. One thing I know about my son is that he is motivated by stuff. So I am going to let him pick out his own laundry basket or hamper. I’m going to let him decide where to put it (unless it is someplace like the living room or kitchen). Then I am going to train him to place all his dirty clothes in it. I am also going to train myself to resist picking up his clothes. If they don’t make it into his basket, I will not wash them. So the next time he wants to wear his Perry the Platypus t-shirt and its not clean…... And I will also institute penalties for fouls. I’ve got this. Now if I can only train his dad to deposit his dirty clothes in one place.

Do you have a dirty clothes scatterer? If so, we’d love to know how you fixed the problem.

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