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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Laundry While Traveling

I tend to be an over-packer. So when Matt and I prepared for our 17-day trek around Europe a few years ago, I had to do some major finagling. There were specific rules on luggage – only one bag per person, within a certain size and it had a weight limit (which I went right up to). Of course I did all those things like coordinate colors to get more outfits. But I knew there would be a time on that trip when I’d have to wash something in the bathroom sink.

First let me say that I packed enough underwear so that I’d have one clean pair per day. I just couldn’t stand the thought of washing those in the sink. Besides they didn’t take up much room. 

So as the ever prepared person that I am, I packed a small container of laundry detergent. Thankfully I only had to wash a couple of t-shirts. Here’s roughly how I went about it:

• Washed the sink out with soap and warm water
• Filled it up with warm soapy water
• Put the t’s in, let them soak for a minute or two then used the method my Grandmother used when washing her clothes in a ringer washer (something I vaguely remember from childhood) – I plunged and rubbed.
• After a few minutes, I let the water out and rinsed the t’s.
• Once all the soap was removed, I squeezed out as much water as I could.
• Then I hung them up in the bathroom using whatever method I could find.

When thinking back about this big adventure (the laundry part not the actual vacation), I was certain there were lots of things I didn’t think of. While writing this blog I found a great article on travelblog.com that gave lots of helpful suggestions. After reading it, I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought I was. And if we ever take a long trip like that again, I’m going to plan on doing that a bit more so I can actually manage my own bag during the trip.

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