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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Fourteen years ago today, Matt and I got married. We had a lovely outdoor wedding and reception with about 100 guests. There were so many things that made it special – a lovely dress, great weather, delicious food, and being surrounded by family and friends.

But like every wedding, there were a few hiccups. I know everyone has wedding planning advice but I thought I’d share my mishaps in hopes that you can at least avoid these on your special day.

• Be absolutely comfortable with your caterer. We used a family friend, and I felt uneasy about it the entire time. Seems my uneasy radar was right on – while the food was delicious, the meal was delayed because the caterer didn’t have everything ready, she over charged us, and she ran out of food. My parents ended up having dinner at Burger King around 10:00 that night.
• Use a professional photographer. We didn’t, and that was my biggest regret. We thought it was an easy way to save money. We again had someone we knew use our camera to take pictures and then also placed disposable a camera on each table so guests could snap pictures. Big mistake.
• Make sure your shoes match your dress. Try your dress and shoes on in the setting and exact lighting well before the ceremony – that way you have time to correct any problems. In my case, I got married outside. My shoes weren’t dyed dark enough so they appeared to be too light in comparison to my dress.
• Give yourself at least a month to have your gown altered. You should plan to have at least two fittings. Remember to bring all the items you plan to wear under the dress as well as the shoes to ensure a precise fit. I cut this one way too close.

But here’s the bottom line – do your best to plan but don’t go crazy. Things will go wrong – it is inevitable. Keep it in perspective and enjoy the day – however, it is only one day in the rest of your life. And that rest of your life part is way more important.

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