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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It’s Prom Time

According to promgirl.com, going to the prom could cost anywhere from $175 to $2100. That’s a big range, but $2100 – really? Here’s how they break it down:

Prom Tickets - $20 – 250
Pre-prom Dinner - $25 – 130 per person
Hair, Makeup, Nails - $30 – 275
Gown - $100 – 400
Boutonniere - $10 – 20
Formal Photography - $30 – 125
Limousine Rental - $200 – 500

My goodness. I am thankful that I have 10 years before I need to worry about this. It looks like we’re going to have to set up a prom fund alongside Gray’s college fund. So reading what I did on promgirl.com, here are some suggestions toward a more affordable prom.

First there are things you can’t do much about like prom tickets. They are what they are. And really the boutonniere and corsage aren’t too expensive. But here are the things you can control:

Dinner – Figure out how many kids you can accommodate and create a restaurant like environment in someone’s home. Have someone like me that loves to cook whip up a gourmet meal and have some cool grownups (not anyone’s parents) act as servers.

Hair, Makeup, Nails – Let the girls get together and help each other get ready. Kids these days are incredibly sophisticated and creative. They will all end up looking great and will have lots of fun in the process.

Gown – I’m all for borrowing and then adding a few accessories. There are also sites and places where you can rent perfectly lovely dresses and such. Just make sure you are doing business with a reputable establishment.

Formal Photography and Limo Rental – Are these things really necessary? Take pictures beforehand. Besides they all have iPhones and will be snapping photos of themselves all night. If you are comfortable with it, let your kids borrow the nice family car. If not, again see if some cool adults will ‘chauffer’ them around.

Finally, set a budget, tell your child up front, and stick with it. Let them figure out where they want the money to go and what they can live without. That way it takes the stress off of you.

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