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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Special Rug

Greg recently picked up a rug from a customer’s home, but it wasn’t just any rug. This was a 100% Chinese silk rug that cost $14,000 and took two years for the customer to find.

As always, he thoroughly inspected it and discussed the issues with the customer before leaving. There were three major things going on with the rug. First, someone had used a grocery store spotter on the rug to try and remove a stain. It didn’t ruin the colors (which sometimes can happen) but it did make the area brittle and stiff as the cleaner caused all the silk fibers to get matted together. Second, there were several areas where the pile was worn in the wrong direction. A rug has a particular way or direction. When you groom a rug in the right direction, it appears shiny. When it is worn or groomed incorrectly, it looks dark and dirty. This primarily comes about by foot traffic and never rotating the rug. Finally, she had pets. Pets typically mean urine stains.

Greg took the rug to our dedicated rug facility and immediately went to work. He was able to get out all the crunchiness from the spotting cleaner, reverse the pile into the proper direction, and remove all evidence of pet urine.

Our customer worried and fretted until he returned the rug. When she saw it, she was pleased. In fact she was better than pleased – she told Greg that it hadn’t looked that good since the day she brought it home from the showroom. I completely understand why she worried and fretted, given the time and money she put into finding the perfect rug. But knowing what I know, I could have saved her all that worry. Her rug was in good hands.

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