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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fading Furniture

I’ve gone and done it again – given advice and failed to follow it.

We’ve created a lovely guest room for our visitors – it’s painted a warm color, has a soft bed with lots of pillows, and a nice nook for reading or relaxing with a comfortable leather chair and ottoman with an afghan (made by my mom) thrown over the back. So a few weeks ago I was in that room dusting when I noticed it – fading on part of the ottoman and the arm of the chair. I immediately knew what I’d done wrong. I tend to leave the blinds of the window right next to the chair open.

I’ve since started keeping the blinds in that room closed but it got me thinking about where else in the house that fading could be occurring. After going through the house, I noticed that our dining room rug has also experienced some fading. When Matt got home from work, he helped me rotate it – something I should have done over a year ago.

Knowing I’d shared just such information in the past, I searched back through my tweets to see if I could find that great advice that I didn’t follow. Here are two that I found rather quickly:

Prolonged exposure to dirt, dust, stains, and sunlight can shorten the life of your drapes. Regular cleaning is a great way to add years to their life and beauty.

Rotate your rugs at least once a year to help them wear more evenly. Sunlight causes fading and traffic patterns can cause uneven wear.

Let me just go ahead and add another tip for today – based on a lesson I learned the hard way:

Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible on leather furniture. UV light causes fading and deterioration. Close curtains or blinds during the day to prevent fading.

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