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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Important Member Of Our Office Staff

Meet Crystal Nickell. The folks in the stores know her as the A Cleaner World payroll person, but I know her to be so much more. Professionally, besides being a whiz at payroll, she’s also a General Ledger Accountant, Financial Statement producer, payroll tax expert, and substitute IT department. Fantastic skills aside, she’s also unbelievably fast. I’ve never known a person that can produce so much work in one day. Personally, she’s a devoted wife and mom and a pie-baker extraordinaire. She has such a quick wit about her and this incredibly contagious laugh. She is just plain fun.

Sixteen years ago, she responded to a newspaper ad for a Bookkeeper at our corporate office. I remember seeing her resume for the first time and thinking “wow, she’s way more qualified for my job than I am.” During the interview, she asked very detailed questions and was incredibly honest about her willingness to work hard and her desire to leave work at the door when she left so she could enjoy her family life too.

I just loved that about her – that incredible honesty. That honesty has created some very memorable moments during the time I’ve known her. For instance, just a few months after she was hired, a group of us were going out to dinner. I posed the question – does this dress make me look fat? She responded – well it does make you look a bit hippy. Finally, someone that answered honestly! I never wore that dress again. And from that point on, I always asked her if I really wanted to hear the truth.

Thanks Crystal for your dedication and hard work. A Cleaner World is lucky to have you, and I am blessed to be able to call you friend.


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