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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sock Monster Is Real

When I Googled “Do dryers eat socks?”, I found this on answerbag.com – “Yes. Yes they do. Have you ever seen your lint trap after just one load? No WAY that much lint is created. The machine is programmed to grab a sock and reduce it to lint. So says my single-sock sock drawer.”

We have a sock monster, and for some reason he likes my socks. This is a real problem since I wear a particular brand of running socks that cost almost $9 a pair. But given that I keep telling my son that there is no such thing as monsters and that dryers really don’t eat things, I have to come up with another explanation for my missing socks. And so began the search. Here are some places I found socks:

• Behind the washing machine
• In a pant leg as a cling on
• Inside a pillow case

Yet I still have single socks in the laundry room. So I again went to Google for suggestions. Here are some great ideas on how to prevent mateless socks:

• Consider washing smaller items like socks, wash cloths, and undergarments in their own load to prevent socks from being hidden in larger things. Or better yet, just do a load of only socks.
• Pin each pair together with a safety pin before adding to the washing machine.
• Give each family member a mesh bag to place their dirty socks in.
• Have everyone roll their dirty socks into pairs so they go into the laundry that way. Don’t unroll until they go into the washer and get rolled back up in pairs as soon as they come out of the dryer.
• Here’s one my husband practices – he buys large quantities of two exclusive socks – one athletic and one dress – and throws them all in a drawer. That way he never knows when one is missing.  And a bonus for me -- I don't have to match up his socks.

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