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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Mudroom Completed

When Gray was around three he went through this phase of walking around saying “I’m happy” in this crazy high-pitched voice. Matt and I latched onto it. So when the mudroom was finished, the first thing I said was, “I’m happy.” That’s because this room absolutely drove an obsessive clean freak like me crazy.

Matt suggested that I take before, during, and after pictures. I couldn’t bring myself to take before and during pictures. I was too embarrassed. Let me just give you a mental picture: a wire rack next to the freezer with stuff falling off, drinks stacked on the freezer, Matt’s shoes on the floor, Gray’s shoes on the ledge, scuffed and chipped paint. The list really could go on.

But let me get back to my happy mood. The inspiration came from some photos I saw in a Family Circle magazine. A few simple things resulted in this:


We put up hooks for everyday items.

The rickety wire shelf was replaced by a custom piece built by Matt.  He built it because that’s something he just loves to do, but as we were planning this we found a number of great RTA items at a home improvement store that would have worked just as well.  Baskets now house items that were once loose and falling through the shelves.  The drinks now have a home as do the recycle bins which are on a shelf at the very bottom of the unit.
But the coolest thing of all is that he took advantage of an odd space.  Because of the foundation, there is a gap between the shelving unit and wall.  So he attached this shoe rack to the side of the unit and now places his shoes in it instead of all over the floor.

It really is amazing what you can do with some paint, hooks, and baskets.  And while this isn't the most stylish room in our house, it is the most functional.  And because of this organizational success, I’ve decided we need to tackle another project – organizing the laundry room. 

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