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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Helping You Keep Track Of Their Stuff

You tend to learn a lot with your first child – all the should and should not’s. Unfortunately when you only have one like me, you never get to go in with a younger sibling down the road and already know what’s going on. Consequently, I frequently don’t know what I should or should not be doing.

Here’s a perfect example. On the first day of kindergarten, parents were allowed to accompany their children into class for about the first thirty minutes. We sat at the table with our kids while they colored and got acquainted with their teacher. As I sat there, I noticed that another child had their name written all over everything. I started chatting with the mom. After inquiring about the labeling, she gave me the low down. This was her third child, so she’d experienced plenty of missing items over the years. I quickly found a sharpie and got to work.

Yet recently I spent a morning at school digging through lost and found looking for a jacket. Seems you need to label everything – and I failed to label this jacket. So this week’s message to you is this:

• Get a fabric pen or permanent marker

• Find the inside label (but don’t cover the washing instructions) and write your child’s name on it

• Have an item without a label? Write their name on a small piece of fabric and sew it into a seam or write it on an iron on patch and iron it in.

And label everything.

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