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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Use for Soap

My dad’s parents were old school farmers, so they led a hardworking and simple life. Things I remember about those grandparents – a wringer washer, homemade lye soap, no air conditioning, homemade biscuits, gardening and canning, and salve being a cure all. They had very few frills and wasted nothing. But there was one thing that my Grandmother did that could have been considered extravagant back in the day, and it was something that I did for a long time.

Recently while working on a newsletter, I found this suggestion: to add luxury to a cashmere sweater, simply wrap a bar of soap in a handkerchief and tuck it into your sweater when stored. I immediately thought of my Grandmother. She would tuck bars of soap in her dresser drawers. But she didn’t use any old bar of soap; she used lovely bars of scented soap with hand painted flowers.

I decided that, in honor of my Grandmother, I would once again use bars of soap in my dresser drawers. I also decided to pass the tradition on. Since lavender is my favorite scent, I purchased several bars of lavender scented soap. I kept some for myself and gave a few to my niece for Christmas and shared the story with her.

I don’t know if she was quite as excited as I was, but I liked passing on the tradition. And now when I run, I sometimes catch a faint whiff of lavender. It makes me smile. So if you’d like to add a bit of luxury to your garments, consider this old trick.

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