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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Costume Safety

I like homemade Halloween costumes.  And even though I am sewing and creatively challenged, we’ve come up with a couple of good ones over the years.  This is the one Gray wore to school last year.

Matt’s company has for years opened its doors so that the employee’s kids could trick-or-treat in a safe and fun environment. The adults really get into it, many decorating their areas and even dressing up.

Gray remembered how much fun it was to trick-or-treat at Matt’s office and couldn’t wait to do it again. But he didn’t want to go as a cowboy – last year he wanted to be a ghost. And he talked about it for weeks leading up to Halloween. I thought it would be easy enough, and it turned out to be fairly cute. But while trick-or-treating at Matt’s office, we figured out there were several flaws with the costume.

Much of the fun for the adults is that they get to see all the kids. One major problem with this costume is that no one knew who it was. But the biggest flaw was that the costume really wasn’t safe. His vision was a bit restricted, and he kept tripping over the sheet. I didn’t think it completely through before saying yes to his request. Below is a link that has some fantastic tips on dressing wisely for Halloween. I’ll be following these suggestions a bit more closely this year.


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