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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clothing App

I must confess that I haven’t had an iPhone for very long. In fact, my husband had to talk me into getting one. Before I got one, I used to make fun of Matt on how attached he was to his. He carried it with him everywhere. He pulled it out for every little thing. Once we went somewhere and he forgot it – talk about lost. And then there were all those crazy apps he put on it.

I never understood – until I got one of my own. Now I too am addicted to my iPhone. I also pull it out for every little thing. But there is one difference – I am very selective on which apps I put on my phone. I think it has something to do with an aversion to clutter. But there is a category of apps that completely fascinate me – clothing/closet organizing and planning.

There a number of them out there, but in a nutshell they help you organize clothes, create outfits, categorize outfits, assign outfits to certain days in a calendar, and so on. There are two things that I find especially appealing. First, you can create a packing list for trips. I make lists for everything, including what clothes I am going to take on a trip. No more digging through the closet or drawers to figure out what to take. I can put together that list say while waiting in the car rider line at school. Second, there are lots of days I just stand in my closet feeling uninspired. Many of these apps have a random button – hit it and the app puts together an outfit for you. It’s like having your own personal Stacy London.

On this app, I was especially eager to add it to my phone!


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