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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ask Before You Go

If I have a bad experience with a business, I just tend to not go back. Here’s a lesson on why I should speak up before departing.

A few years ago, whenever a Roanoke A Cleaner World customer would go into her closet to get clean clothes out to put on, she’d notice spots on them. Assuming that it was our fault, she stopped using us and switched to another dry cleaner. But the problem still persisted so she switched to another cleaner and then another and another.

Frustrated by the situation, she mentioned it to a friend who suggested she take a closer look at her closet. When she did, she discovered mold in her walk-in closet. It turns out that during an addition done to her home, the contractor failed to do the drainage properly which in turn led to a mold problem.

She quickly called her insurance company who had the contractor fix the drainage problem. They also called ServiceMaster to work on the mold problem in the closet. Here’s the interesting part – ServiceMaster called Mike Taylor’s Roanoke A Cleaner World location to get the mold out of her clothes. When the customer learned of this, she called Mike confessing her initial thoughts.

But no worries; it has all worked out in the end with a non-moldy closet and spot free clothes. And today, she is once again a happy customer of an A Cleaner World Roanoke location.

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