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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Scouts This Year

My son is a very inquisitive little boy. He is also a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb. Apparently one of the characters on the show is a “Fireside Girl”. One afternoon he started asking questions about the “Fireside Girls”. In particular he wanted to know if there was a male version of this group. I explained that the “Fireside Girls” were a pretend group based on the Girl Scouts. So I shared my experiences as a Girl Scout and what I knew about Boy Scouts.

Another thing I should mention about my son is that when he gets fixated on a subject, he worries me to death about it. He decided that afternoon that he wanted to be a Cub Scout. When Matt got home from work, Gray was so excited to share with his daddy his latest quest. Matt was thrilled as he wanted to introduce scouts to Gray, so we got started. And then we quickly got stopped.

I assumed that you could begin participating in scouts in Kindergarten. You actually have to be 7 years old or in first grade. Devastation set in and then he began to worry me to death about not forgetting to let him join when he starts first grade. I won’t forget. I’m looking forward to Gray participating in scouts. It’s such a great program that helps teach responsible citizenship and character development. Plus you get to earn all those awesome patches and wear a cool uniform!

A Cleaner World is proud of its association with the Boy Scouts. For more information about scouts, go to BeAScout.org

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