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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More than Clothes in Her Express Bag

A while back I did a list of crazy things A Cleaner World has found in clothes over the years. Mike Taylor, with 35 years of service, has seen his share of some craziness. But there is one crazy thing he experienced a number of years ago that would have completely send me over the edge. And he was completely calm as he told me this story:

A couple that had been long-time customers divorced. They both continued to use Mike’s store. On her regular drop off day, she brought in an express bag full of clothes. After she left a CSR began to sort and tag the order, and as she did, a garter snake crawled out of the bag.

A few days later the ex-husband came in to drop off clothes. Mike proceeded to tell him what they found. Mike said the ex was not surprised at all as the snake had been lost in the house for some time! Mike couldn’t get over the guy’s easy going response. Now I will admit that I thought Mike was going to tell me that the ex-husband did it, so I too was surprised by the response but in a different way.

Now a dry cleaning manager wears many hats -- but snake catcher? I get the chills whenever I think about it.

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