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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kindergarten and The Strict Dress Code

Today my son started Kindergarten, so the last few weeks have been spent buying supplies and new clothes. Growing up, I always enjoyed the back to school shopping. Doing it for Gray – I didn’t enjoy it so much. Here’s why: the school system here has an incredibly strict four page dress code – only black, khaki, navy pants and shorts; plain jeans; long and short sleeve polo style shirts in specific colors; and button up dress shirts in specific colors.

In the long list of do’s and don’ts I found two things really difficult to deal with – first, no logos. It seems that most polo style shirts have some sort of logo on them. Second, no cargo pants. When we started the process, Gray only had one pair of shorts (including his nicer ones) that didn’t have cargo pockets.

Once again, my mom bailed me out. (I really owe this woman a lot.) She found a brand, Greendog, at Macy’s that fits the bill. Greendog has solid color polo shirts without logos for around $10, and flat front shorts for around $15. So if you are in the same pickle we were, I recommend the brand. They seem to make basic items at decent quality and not terrible prices. Perhaps we didn’t get to fully take advantage of the great back to school sales, but we’ll definitely be in line with the dress code.

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