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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Complete Loss

I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements on television for those space saving bags. You know the ones where you can place half your house in a bag and vacuum shrink it down to 3 inches by 5 inches.

Not too long ago, a customer at our Hickory location brought in a beautiful handmade, mostly white quilt that she had stored in one of those vacuum sealed bags for three years. When she opened it, she discovered it had suffered terrible yellowing. Upon examination, we were able to determine that moisture had gotten trapped against the quilt, and that in turn caused the yellowing.

I think those space saving bags are a fascinating idea, but you need to be extremely careful when using. It is possible that you could use a product like that and never have an issue. But it is also possible that humidity could get trapped in the bag creating the ideal situation for mildew.

The best way to store out of season bedding is to:

1. Wash and dry the items. Never store any type of soiled fabric.
2. Fold the items, but not too tightly. You want them to be able to breathe.
3. Keep the items away from sunlight – it can cause the fabric to fade. The best place to store would be in a drawer or closet.
4. For an extra measure - place a few cedar balls in the drawer or closet – but not directly on the fabric.

Our staff worked diligently on that handmade quilt, but sadly we were unable to restore it. If you have a one of a kind special item you want to store, we’d recommend you avoid anything that could possibly trap moisture in the packaging. And as always if ever in doubt, ask us. We’re glad to answer any questions you may have.

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