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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I recently purchased some new running clothes. It was long overdue; many of my things were starting to show their age. I stumbled on to a good sale at a local sporting goods store, and I invested in some nicer stuff.  Imagine my disappointment when I pulled a tank from the washer after wearing it only once to find that there were three snags on the front.

I quickly called someone at A Cleaner World for help. Mike’s thought was that delicate undergarments with hooks could be causing the problem, but he also suggested that there could be an issue with the washer or dryer wheel. I had already narrowed it down to the washer so he suggested that I do a thorough inspection of the inside of the washer using a flashlight to look slowly and carefully, paying attention to the edge where the ribs join on the wheel. After the visual check he also suggested a physical check. I thought this was a very clever idea – taking an old pair of nylon hose, I slipped them tightly over my spread fingers and palm. Then I wiped down the wheel in a controlled and measured fashion, making sure I covered every square inch.

I pulled my hand from the washer to find several snags on the nylons. After further investigation, I found two decent size nicks on the smooth part of the wheel just inside the door.  I am certain of the culprit but will not (this time) throw my husband under the bus.

Mike said I should do some investigating but that Matt could probably use a file and some steel wool to smooth out the nicks. I showed Matt my finding and the solution, and he was able to fit the problem easily.  But I am still placing anything I consider to be precious into a mesh bag before placing it in the washer. Mike said he does that with all his delicate items as well as turning them inside out before placing in the washer. Great advice. Thanks A Cleaner World!

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