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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Smell Like Bacon

I love bacon. I probably on average eat it once a week unless its summer and tomatoes are in. Then I eat BLT’s several times a week. I learned a long time ago that baking it in the oven is way less messy. No more worries about splashing grease on my clothes or smelling like bacon. Or so I thought.

Recently I was driving to pick Gray up from preschool, and I kept smelling bacon. I thought perhaps it was because I had just eaten a bacon sandwich before getting into the car. But as the afternoon went on, I still smelled it, and I was surprised. I called Mike Feudale and posed this question: “How do you handle food smells in clothing, especially if you go out to lunch and then must return to an office?” Unfortunately, there’s no advice during the day if you already have your lunch smell on you. “If you smell like popcorn shrimp from lunch, and you work in an office,” said Mike, “you are stuck.”

Some good news is that most of the time simply airing the garments before washing and then washing following the manufacturers suggestion will take care of the odors at the end of the day. Adding baking soda in the wash load can also help. But what about the popcorn shrimp at lunch problem?  Mike has two these suggestions:

1. Certain materials absorb odors more than others – avoid wearing cotton, which is the most absorbent of the fibers, on days you know you are eating lunch out.

2. Some odors are stronger than others. Consider avoiding places that serve fried, spicy, or garlicky foods if you must head back to the office.

While Mike can’t guarantee these tips will completely solve the problem, he did have this to say, “Folks that smell like bacon make me hungry.”

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