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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Exciting Find

I love long hot showers. So does my husband, and now that I work from home, he gets in the shower first Monday through Friday. Recently as I was standing in the shower feeling the water getting less and less warm, I began to wonder about the inner workings of a hot water heater. More importantly, I began to wonder how I could go about ensuring I could have a hot shower instead of a lukewarm one.

Knowing that I am stuck with our current water heater until it gives out, I decided to learn a little about it. Seems we have a standard electric water heater with a 50 gallon capacity. Then I wondered how many gallons of water the average person uses while showering. The average person takes a ten minute shower and if you have a regular shower head, you can use as much as 42 gallons of water.

Notice I mentioned that the average person takes a ten minute shower. Matt spends the first five minutes merely standing under the hot water just to wake up. Based on the above information, I figure he ends his showers just as he has depleted all the hot water from the heater.

Knowing that changing his habit is pretty unlikely, I’ve decided to purchase a 1.5 GPM Energy and Water Saving Shower head. This particular one I found has a trickle savings mode that activates when the water reaches 95 degrees F. The best part is that is saves about 8 gallons of water for every five minutes spent in the shower.

I see many benefits from this small change – reducing our water use, saving on utility costs, and no more lukewarm showers for me!


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