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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dress Up To Stay Home?

A little less than two years ago, I went from going to an office 4 – 5 days a week to working part time from home. It was late May, and I was excited by the thought of tank tops and shorts daily. I will admit that the first couple of months were fun. Gray and I played outside a lot, hit the pool almost daily, and learned our way around Nashville.

At the beginning of August Gray started pre-school a few days a week. After dropping him off a few times, I noticed the mom’s that ‘dressed’ and the one’s that didn’t. I took a look at myself (as one of those that didn’t) and quickly felt like a slug-o. The next day I put on makeup, did more to my hair than just blow it dry, and put on a summer dress and sandals. I felt amazing! I came home and sat down at the computer to work, and I actually felt like I was working.

It’s unbelievable how appearance and emotions go hand in hand. I will admit there are days (sometimes when Gray doesn’t have school) that I still put on yoga pants and a t-shirt, but I have settled into a casual but put together look. And I no longer feel like a slug-o.

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