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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Latest Disaster – Water Damage

We were having one of those days – you know the kind where my husband could do nothing right, and I reacted wrongly every time. But just when I thought the day couldn’t get worse, it did. Around 7 p.m. on a Sunday evening in January, I walked into the laundry room to discover that Matt had left the water running in the sink and the laundry room was flooded -- flooded to the point that water was running down the furnace vent and into the kitchen.

After getting over my initial thought of wanting to strangle him, I had a second thought – I wonder if I can turn this into a blog post? We removed everything from the room except the washer and dryer, then used a shop-vac to suck out all the water. I waited until everything was dry then put the stuff back in the laundry room.

I always leave the door to the laundry room shut unless I am in there working. After the big incident I noticed that the room felt especially cold whenever I walked in there. So Matt crawled under the house to find that there was water standing in the ducts. Once again my crazy life can be an example of what not to do.

If you have a water disaster, you may want to consider calling a professional. Not knowing how long the water had been running, we had no idea the extent of the damage. Given the amount of water sitting in the ducts, it might have been worse than we initially thought. Standing water in ducts can lead to mold issues, so every time the furnace kicks on it could be blowing moldy air. Also, the laundry room floor is linoleum. If water got under the linoleum, there again could be a mold issue and over time the sub-floor could rot. You get the idea.

There are lots of fantastic certified contractors out there than can help if you too experience a water disaster. Here’s a handy little tool to help you find one in your area.



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