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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Talking Home Fire with Your Kids

“What happens if our house catches on fire,” Gray recently asked. My first thought was where in the world does he come up with these things. Then my second thought was – wow that’s a really good question on a topic we probably should have talked about a long time ago.

We talked about an escape plan should we have a home fire and even practiced what to do. Since his bedroom is on the second floor, we purchased an escape ladder. But I wondered how much really sunk in. Here’s a great kid-focused site that I used a few days later to go over it with him again. Check it out and make sure that you and your family have a plan.


But as I searched for information, I discovered that Epcot at Walt Disney World has a house-sized exhibit that uses a hands-on method to teach kids fire safety. Here’s the link.


I was so excited to find this as my parents and I are taking Gray to Disney World next week. We’ll check out the exhibit, and I’ll let you know what we learn.


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