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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beloved Bunny

Meet Bunny -

He is a bunny and that is his name. Matt’s sister and her family gave Gray Bunny when he was born, and Gray started carrying him around by the neck before he could walk. In fact I have pictures of Gray taking his first steps and Bunny was clutched in his chubby little hand.

While Bruce (the horse and probably worthy of his own blog) goes everywhere local with us, Bunny gets to take the big trips. Since Bunny travels, he’s prone to get dirty. And I mean really dirty – like the time Gray threw up tomato soup on him on the way to Gatlinburg. Thank goodness the place we were staying at had a washer and dryer. Here’s how we restored Bunny:

• Checked the label. Bunny’s label said surface wash only. But because he was stuffed with polyester, I knew he would be safe in the washer.
• Sprayed him with a pre-treater.
• Washed him in the washing machine in cold water on gentle.
• Hung him up by his ears to air dry.

Stuffed animals can get really disgusting but most can easily be cleaned up. There are some great sites out there with tips on how to do so. Here’s a link to one that looks pretty good. Of course, if ever in doubt, we’ll be glad to help. We know what an important part of the family the fuzzy stuffed critters are.


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