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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beloved Bunny

Meet Bunny -

He is a bunny and that is his name. Matt’s sister and her family gave Gray Bunny when he was born, and Gray started carrying him around by the neck before he could walk. In fact I have pictures of Gray taking his first steps and Bunny was clutched in his chubby little hand.

While Bruce (the horse and probably worthy of his own blog) goes everywhere local with us, Bunny gets to take the big trips. Since Bunny travels, he’s prone to get dirty. And I mean really dirty – like the time Gray threw up tomato soup on him on the way to Gatlinburg. Thank goodness the place we were staying at had a washer and dryer. Here’s how we restored Bunny:

• Checked the label. Bunny’s label said surface wash only. But because he was stuffed with polyester, I knew he would be safe in the washer.
• Sprayed him with a pre-treater.
• Washed him in the washing machine in cold water on gentle.
• Hung him up by his ears to air dry.

Stuffed animals can get really disgusting but most can easily be cleaned up. There are some great sites out there with tips on how to do so. Here’s a link to one that looks pretty good. Of course, if ever in doubt, we’ll be glad to help. We know what an important part of the family the fuzzy stuffed critters are.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Talking Home Fire with Your Kids

“What happens if our house catches on fire,” Gray recently asked. My first thought was where in the world does he come up with these things. Then my second thought was – wow that’s a really good question on a topic we probably should have talked about a long time ago.

We talked about an escape plan should we have a home fire and even practiced what to do. Since his bedroom is on the second floor, we purchased an escape ladder. But I wondered how much really sunk in. Here’s a great kid-focused site that I used a few days later to go over it with him again. Check it out and make sure that you and your family have a plan.


But as I searched for information, I discovered that Epcot at Walt Disney World has a house-sized exhibit that uses a hands-on method to teach kids fire safety. Here’s the link.


I was so excited to find this as my parents and I are taking Gray to Disney World next week. We’ll check out the exhibit, and I’ll let you know what we learn.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do you need a sewing kit?

Even I – a person that really hates sewing – have a sewing kit. I think every home needs to have a basic sewing kit in it. It comes in handy, especially when you have to perform emergency surgery on an important family member like Bruce the stuffed horse.

Before sending you to a link, I would like to share with you two little tips. Take it from a woman that’s had plenty of sewing debacles.

First, you really do need more than one needle in various sizes. One size does not fit all in this instance.

Second, invest in a really good pair of scissors. Keep them in your sewing kit and don’t let your husband use them for his projects or to open food packages. They really need to stay clean and sharp.

So what items should you have in your sewing kit? Here’s a great resource:


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Small Act of Kindness

Have you ever noticed that when you do something nice for someone, something good usually happens to you? That’s what Bob Burns, Manager of the A Cleaner World in Durham recently discovered.

A few weeks ago, Bob received a phone call from an elderly lady that lives across the street from his store in a retirement community. She wondered if he would mind coming over to pick up some clothes to clean for her and then bring them back to her once they were done. Of course he was happy to do so.

She was so grateful for Bob’s help and called to thank him for making such a special effort. She also made it a point to tell a number of folks in her community. As a result, a gentleman that had never used A Cleaner World before dropped off an order. After using the store for a couple of visits, he told Bob that he heard of Bob’s kindness to his neighbor and because of that and the quality of the store’s work, we had “won him over”.

That one act of kindness turned into a nice relationship with more than one person. Nice job Bob!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Place for Dirt to Accumulate

I fear that with each confession like this, you will stop believing that I really am an obsessive clean freak. It’s a title I am quite proud of.

This past weekend I went to hang up a jacket in the mudroom and noticed that the light switches by the back door were dirty. I didn’t think much about it as they are right inside the door and frequently Matt reaches his dirty (from working outside) hands in to flip on a switch. I wiped the dirt off using a paper towel and some cleaning solution. As I walked into the kitchen, I glanced at the next set of switches and noticed they too were dirty. Then I looked at the ones in the dining room – also dirty.

I armed myself with an old towel, some q-tips, and 409 anti-bacterial cleaner. Then I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning all the switches in the house. While I was at it, I wiped all the door knobs too. When I was done I showed my husband the towel. He replied with sarcasm in his voice, “You’re a terrible housekeeper.” I didn’t need to hear that – that’s exactly how I was feeling.

LewRockwell.com listed the light switch as number 6 in “8 Spots Germs Love to Lurk in Your Home”. The author says, “Touching the light switch is practically unavoidable, but keeping it clean is not. The bathroom light switch can have as many germs as the trash bin. Disinfect light switches twice a week, or every day if a member of your household is sick.”

I do wipe the switches and knobs in the bathrooms once a week when I clean those rooms. I’ll admit that I don’t go to that great detail in other rooms – until now. Now when I clean a room I will make sure I include that little (and important) task as well.
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