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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Customer Service

I like feedback – both positive and negative. As long as negative feedback is constructive, I believe it can be incredibly helpful in improving service. But because we rarely hear positive feedback, we tend to be taken back when it comes our way.

A couple of months ago, @KristenDaukas of Twin City Sales and Marketing tweeted to @cleaner_world this: “Just wanted to say how much I LOVE Cheryl at the Robinhood location. Such a great team member for you guys!” When I passed the good word onto her supervisor, I found out that Cheryl receives many compliments from customers. It got me thinking this: in a day where we rarely hear positive feedback, what is it about Cheryl that makes folks speak up? I decided to ask Kristen to find out.

In talking with Kristen, she expressed something that I feel often (and I would guess that many of you do too), that we’ve become so accustomed to dealing with folks who work the front line that are not thrilled with being on the job. In contrast, “Cheryl always has a smile, always greets me by name, and always has a compliment or something kind or fun to say,” said Kristen.

Apparently Cheryl is this way all the time, even when negative feedback comes her way. “A couple of years ago, I brought a pair of pants back because I had discovered they had holes in them,” said Kristen. “My thinking was that something happened in the cleaning process.” Instead of being defensive or offended, Cheryl happily took the concern to the manager to investigate. Once the manager diagnosed the problem Kristen said, “Both she and the manager took the time to educate me on the dangers of moths.”

Service like that makes folks want to come back. Think about some of the places you frequent. Kristen feels the same way. “There are other places that are cheaper but with staff like her, I will continue to use A Cleaner World,” she concluded.

Thanks Cheryl for setting such a great example. The world needs more folks like you.

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