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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Poor Parents

I feel sorry for my parents. Every time they come to visit, I put them to work. Their visit in August was no exception. This time I had them help me wash windows.

When we moved into our house last spring, there was so much to do – clean the inside from top to bottom, yard work, painting and decorating. I put the windows on the back burner. Apparently the folks that owned the house before us also put the windows on the back burner. I’ve never seen so much dirt!

My mom was offering lots of advice on how my dad and I should have been cleaning the windows. It seems that we should have followed her directions a bit better. Her windows were immaculate. Ours had a few streaks. It appears that there is a right way to do windows. I went looking for an official guide....and this one looks like it would meet my mom’s approval.


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