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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Family Expert

Isn’t it flattering to be considered an expert? I’m the family expert in running, cooking, accounting and now stain removal. And it’s even extended past immediate family to friends of in-laws. I’m flattered!

My sister-in-law called me not too long ago with a question that her friends asked her to ask me. As she described the stains, it sounded very similar to an issue I was having last summer – the dreaded mystery stain. They were having issues with spots that made the fabric appear a bit darker than the actual color. I explained that it sounded like an oil based stain and could come from accidentally dripping dressing while eating or having oil pop on you while cooking. I told her that the stain could be removed but not with just regular washing and regular detergent – it needed to be treated to be broken down. Oil in fabric is a rather tricky stain to remove. I suggested she forward this chart to her friends:


but with a qualifier. If it is an expensive item, I suggested she tell them to take it to their local cleaner. I also told her that I solved my problem mostly – I now cook with an apron.

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