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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dirty and Smelly

My child can always find dirt. So when I found a note in his backpack about “Mud Day” at school, I was less than pleased. The instructions on the note were: bring your child to school in old clothes, pack a towel and clean clothes in a grocery bag, and we’ll clean the kids up and send the dirty clothes home.

When we got home after “Mud Day”, I emptied his backpack and placed the bag of dirty clothes on top of the washer. Then I forgot about them. The next morning I went to start laundry. I opened the bag and was immediately hit with the odor. Eeewww. I am full of tidbits on how to care for your clothes, but I tend to forget to follow them. Reference the post from July 15 – ‘Wet gear that’s stored in plastic, in a gym bag, or in a heap on the floor can begin breeding bacteria within hours. Odor from bacteria can be stronger than the smell of perspiration.’

Let me say that A Cleaner World is not endorsing this product. But Barb Mitchell, SAHM of a dirty boy, thinks that Tide with Fabreeze is fantastic. It got the smell out of Gray’s “Mud Day” clothes. It also gets the smell out of my sweaty, smelly running clothes. And so on..... I’d like to shake the hand of the person that came up with that idea.

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