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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Raving Fan

It’s never good to put words in other people’s mouths, but I am going to make an assumption. Last week I raved about Whole Foods, and I told you I would share a couple of instances where A Cleaner World has created some raving fans.

I’m going to guess that Tom Holland with Hayworth Miller would fall into that category. When we say that we clean American Flags for free – we really do and it’s every day. Every year the A Cleaner World on Peter’s Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem cleans and presses about 200 American Flags for Mr. Holland, Mr. Miller and a local Veteran’s organization.

Terri Harris, an 11 year employee of A Cleaner World, says she’s glad to do it. First, because she feels it’s nice to give back to the folks that have served in our military. Second, both Mr. Holland and Mr. Miller are such a nice men. Mr. Miller shows his appreciation by purchasing the employees at that location lunch or a gift card – something he doesn’t have to do. So that’s where I believe my assumption is correct. Who pays for something (in this case with lunch or a gift) when they don’t have to?

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