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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's All About The People

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but don’t we all do it? I recently talked to Terri Harris to find out what’s kept her at A Cleaner World for 11 years. She had several reasons but one was a LONG list of favorite customers. So I asked her to tell me about a few. She quickly started talking. Unfortunately I had to stop her after three for fear of writing a book instead of a blog. Here are three but I’m guessing that there are many more.

•For 14 years Kim Harris and her husband tried to have a baby. Terri never knew this until the day Kim stopped by to conduct business and enthusiastically shared some news. Kim and her husband, a pastor, had been contacted about adopting a newborn baby. This information really made an impression on Terri. Kim keeps the folks at our Peter’s Creek store up to date on their family and sends pictures, which Terri keeps on her refrigerator at home. Plus, Terri says Kim makes amazing chocolate chip muffins.
•When the A Cleaner World on Peter’s Creek Parkway opened, Terri waited on Johnsie several times. Each time, she kept thinking she knew her from somewhere. It turns out that Johnsie was actually Terri’s school bus driver! Once they figured that out, a special friendship developed. Everyone at the store loves Johnsie, especially her ability to laugh at herself. Not too long ago she contacted the store about a missing sweater. Everyone searched high and low but had no luck. Several days later Johnsie called to say she had found it. Johnsie’s husband had planned a surprise weekend getaway and packed the sweater for her!
•For 8 years Jean Batten frequented the store on Peter’s Creek Parkway. One day she stopped and shared with everyone, with tears in her eyes, that she was moving to Florida. Not only did the employees there take great care with her clothes, but they had also become like family to her. She said she’d never find another group like them. They all still stay in touch.

In a world that’s high tech social media disengaged, it’s nice to be a part of a team that has face to face contact with people and can truly build relationships. After all, business and life are all about people.

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