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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Above and Beyond

We’ve grown so accustomed to bad customer service that we are surprised when a company goes above and beyond. Once every 4 – 6 weeks I shop at the Whole Foods in Franklin, Tennessee. I like to go there because 1. They carry a few specialty items that I like and can’t find anywhere else and 2. It is always such a pleasant shopping experience. Besides it being in general such a pleasant experience, I’ve had two exceptional experiences at Whole Foods that I’d like to share.

Several months ago I was there one Friday night with my family after dinner. I was looking for a specific kind of chocolate. An employee saw me searching and asked if they could help (something they do quite often). When I explained what I was looking for, she indicated that they didn’t carry it but had something similar. She told me a little about the manufacturer, pulled one off the shelf, marked on the packaging no charge, and handed it to me saying she’d like for me to give it a try and see if it could be a suitable substitute. I was floored as was my husband. When we walked out of the store with our purchases he said to me, “They just spoke your love language. They’ve got you for life.”

A few weeks ago I was there around lunch time with my 4 year old son. We got the things we needed and of course wondered around the store a bit before checking out. When we got to the car, I couldn’t find my keys. We went back in the store to retrace our steps. As I was searching an employee saw my concern and asked if they could help (notice a pattern here?). When I explained our dilemma, she immediately got on their communication system and alerted everyone. Within 5 minutes another employee walked over to us and handed me my keys. What a fast response!

I posted a tweet about my experience on my personal Twitter account and got all kinds of responses. The general consensus (besides the consensus about Whole Foods being a great place to be stranded) was that this is simply how they operate.
Over the next few weeks I’d like to share a couple of stories when A Cleaner World earned someone for life. Whole Foods isn’t the only company that tries to go above and beyond.

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