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Monday, July 11, 2011

Share the Good Stuff

Does it seem like to you too that we hear lots of complaints and rarely the good stuff? Imagine my surprise when I read this review on yelp.com about one of our Roanoke stores several months ago:

Outstanding service! I forgot my ticket for my husband's tux and they were unable to locate it yesterday. No problem, I found my ticket and plan to pick it up today. In the meantime, they called, said they had the tux, and since they were going to be closed for the New Year's holiday, wanted to make sure I knew it was ready and could pick it up anytime. Wow! I am impressed. What great customer service.

And then this one recently on one of our Chapel Hill locations:

I am a huge critic of dry cleaners (I've tried almost all of them in CH) and A Cleaner World meets my expectations!

I gave them a solid, beautiful, green silk dress to dry clean that had been doused in olive oil at an Italian restaurant. They got the entire spot out. I don't care about their prices, because if it means my clothes remain wearable, I'll pay any (reasonable) price.

Thank you Marian and Elizabeth for sharing your positive experiences with everyone. It’s nice to know that we’re doing a good job for you. But on the same token, if you ever have a problem please e-mail me at acwwildwed@gmail.com. We’ll work through it with you so that you too can share some good stuff.

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