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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laundry Guide for College Students

It is the end of July and many kids are getting ready to head off to college. Is your son or daughter ready to do their own laundry? If not, here’s something you can print off and give to them in hopes that their whites won’t become pinks.

1.Before starting, check the labels. Separate out items that need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Don’t forget to check pockets.

2.Sort clothing by color – whites, dark colors, reds, light colors, etc. -- and also by fabric type.

3.Pre-treat any spots and start washing. Read the directions on the detergent container to determine how much soap to use. Choose the appropriate water temperature and load size. Wash whites on warm/cold in a normal cycle. Wash dark colors on cold/cold as dark colors tend to bleed in warm water. Add the detergent to the washer before loading in clothes.

4.Place items loosely in the washing machine. Turn jeans, corduroy, knit items inside out to protect the fabric. Never overload the washing machine as clothes won’t come clean if there isn’t enough room to agitate.

5.Once the wash cycle is complete check to see if spots have been removed. If not, place that garment to the side to re-treat and re-wash. Place the remaining garments in the dryer or hang them up to dry. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap before drying.

6.Promptly remove clothes from the dryer and either fold or hang to prevent wrinkling.

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