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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Sew A Button

About a year ago I shared the infamous sewing machine story. In that blog I also told you that I absolutely have no desire to learn how to sew. I do have a sewing kit with a handful of basic items – one needle, one thimble, a pin cushion, several spools of thread, and so on. I have it because occasionally I HAVE to sew on a button. Ugh.

Not too long ago my husband brought me a dress shirt that had several cracked buttons on it. There weren’t enough spare buttons to replace the cracked ones. So in order to make the shirt wearable again, I was going to have to replace every single button. I donated the shirt to The Salvation Army. I may be willing to sew on an occasional button but not twelve!

Martha Stewart says sewing a button is ‘incredibly easy.’ It never seems easy to me – but perhaps that’s because I just plain dread it so much. Here are her tips:


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