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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obvious Reminder

I have an uncle that is pretty close to my age, and we talk. So when he learned that A Cleaner World was going to venture into Social Media and that I would be handling it, he was curious. Curious in particular, I think, because really what would a dry cleaner have to talk about? I shared with him some blog topics and gave him a few examples of information I would share on Facebook and Twitter. Here's one that made him raise his eyebrow: "Chlorine; pool water; cleaners with bleach, ammonia, or peroxide; and even some toothpaste have bleach that can remove color from your clothing." His answer was something like this, "Well isn't that information sort of obvious?"

Recently I was cleaning the master bathroom. I was having trouble with the lid to the toilet cleaner and some ended up spilling on the floor. I wiped it up (but apparently not all of it) and continued cleaning, sometimes crawling on the floor to get the corners and such. About twenty minutes later I noticed that the bottom of my black yoga pants were covered with splotches of orange. After being puzzled for a moment, I realized what happened.

So I think I'd like to answer my uncle's question now. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of even obvious things.

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