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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vanity Sizing

It happened again recently. I went to a well known clothing store in search of a new pair of jeans. I tried on 'my size', and they were (as I frequently experience) too big in the waist and tight in the butt and thighs. The sales person suggested a different style in a larger size. I told him no thank you. I will not purchase a size larger than what I wear. This led me to two questions. First, why do men not care what size they wear? Second, why is it that I can wear a smaller size in one brand but require a larger in others?

I figured I'd ask my husband the first question. So I Googled to find answers to the second question. I stumbled upon an article entitled "Women's Issues of Clothing Size" written by Kellie Hayden in 2008 that talks about 'vanity sizing.' It turns out that clothing manufacturers have been in my head. Kellie says "Manufacturers have figured out the fact that sizing is very important to women. This is especially important when she is standing in front of the 360 degree mirror and trying to figure out if the pants 'make her butt look too big.' Even if the clothes do make her backside look a little larger, the woman may indeed buy the pants if they happen to be a size smaller than the size she usually wears."

It's true. I have a pair of jeans in the back of my closet because they are 8's, but I don't wear them because they make my butt look big. Crazy huh? How many pairs do you have in your closet?

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