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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Latest Stain Removal Issue

If it weren't for my son, I think I'd run out of laundry issues to discuss. Gray has just started playing baseball (well technically t-ball). He loves playing ball but the first time he got his uniform dirty, he totally freaked out. It has taken a lot of coaching from several sources to convince him that he's supposed to get dirty.

Always in search of ways to remove stains, I ran onto some more helpful tips from Heloise. Here's what she recommends. By the way -- these suggestions are for washable material only.

Removing Clay From A Baseball Uniform

'This ball-field mark is tough, but try these. Brush off dry clay. Measure out powdered detergent (containing no bleach) for a standard laundry load, then remove a little and combine with just enough household ammonia to make a paste. Apply using a cotton cloth. Let set about 10 minutes; launder in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Repeat if needed.'

Removing Grass Stains

'Treat area directly with liquid laundry detergent containing enzymes or with prewash spray (follow directions on container). Then wash according to care label.'

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